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Blue Cow - 1.5kg

Blue Cow - 1.5kg

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Boom - Like a little flavour explosion in your mouth, Blue Cow is just wow cow meow! The surface ripened cow milk cheese has character with its characteristic blue veins throughout. The rind is soft and the intensity of colour and flavour increases with age. For a softer texture and stronger flavour with fruity notes, we recommend you wait as long as you can to resist this one. As Kerry says, the second mouse gets the cheese!

From two months of age this cheese displays mild cow milk flavours combined with a background of blue notes. Although ripe from 8 weeks of age it will become softer in texture, stronger in flavour and display classic blue cheese flavour with fruity notes best after 10 to 12 weeks of age. At this age the salty blue flavour is first on the palate and lingers to combine with the creamy rich full cow milk flavour that all of the world’s classic blue cheeses are renowned for.

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