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Moffat Sand Hard Cheese - Asiago-style - 150g

Moffat Sand Hard Cheese - Asiago-style - 150g

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Moffat Sand cheese – a hard cheese that’s perfect for the table, grating over pasta, or pairing with a Singapore Sling! This delightful dairy treat celebrates the stunning colours of Moffat Beach's sand and supports 11 small local dairy farmers. A cheese you can enjoy at any time of day? Yes, please!

One of the first things you'll notice is that change in the hue from centre of the cheese to closer to the rind. You'll find different flavours as you move through. Buttery and creamy in the centre and fuller flavour near the rind. It's a cheese that has so much to offer... at any time of day!

We named this Moffat Sand, well... because it's a great little pocket of the Sunshine Coast. Early morning surfs as the sun rose would give the sand that deep golden colours but turning lighter as the sun got higher when we left the water, knackered from a big session. Sometimes we'd meet friends down there for a late brekky. Luckily now we've created the perfect cheese for our epic mornings!

Moffat Sand Hard Cheese is made by Max+Tom, Sunshine Coast Cheesemaker. This is an Italian style hard cheese

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