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Nimbin Valley Dairy

Black Cow - 750g

Black Cow - 750g

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Let’s face it, one of the greatest gifts that cows give us is cream so why stop at just normal milk when making cheese? Let’s triple that up and make it so luxuriant and rich that you can’t work out if this is closer to butter or camembert. The idea of a triple cream is more of a modern day spin as the yearning for soft, velvety and gooey win, hands down. Luckily for us, Paul and Kerry at Nimbin Valley Dairy made the decision to put their fine produce together to bring us a decadant delight that is their triple cream. At first bite, Black Cow will have you blessing the cheesemaker and praising the cows of Nimbin that are grazing, right now, on some juicy, thick and green grass. And now it’s rolled in ash! So it’s even more fancy.

With milk sourced from free range Fresian and Jersey cows, collected in the morning to ensure ultimate freshness, Black Cow is a complex blend with buttery and lemon flavour notes. At two days of age, the cheese is cut, rolled in vine leaf ash and set on racks to mature. When the cheese is young the paste has a chalky texture that gets creamy and soft as it gets older. When Black Cow is fully mature it has a soft, buttery consistency with a more intense and caramel flavour.

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